The City Spark Community

City Spark portfolio companies are part of one of the largest product-based impact portfolios in the world. Our goal is to facilitate a vibrant community of innovative, mission-driven entrepreneurs and investors in a rich collaborative network.

Unique Value-Add for City Spark Founders


The City Spark Community brings together a network of over one hundred and fifty like-minded and mission-driven entrepreneurs and investors. The program seeks to break down barriers between portfolio companies, as well as fund investors, facilitating interactions both virtually and in-person. Founders get access to our proprietary City Spark App, invites to events throughout the year including our annual City Spark Conference, and even access to value-add resources like Betaworks Studios.


Through peer-to-peer learning, virtual and in-person speaking engagements, and best practices shared by top-tier experts, our goal is to provide Spark founders with incremental opportunities to unlock embedded value in their companies.

Create & Share

In addition to facilitating community engagement and learning opportunities, we aim to provide Spark founders with access to a proprietary set of data and tools to help them build and scale a stronger business. Our proprietary data and analytics tools can help identify follow-on investors and tools like the Impact Beacon can help founders better understand and articulate their company’s mission. We are also viable candidates for your Series A and beyond funding through our core fund.

Fostering Community Through Multiple Channels

The City Spark App

A closed community platform that provides space for collaboration, conversation, and connection between entrepreneurs. Find out more about other City Spark companies and entrepreneurs in the community, and how they can help facilitate growth and learning.

Virtual Events and AMA’s

We host frequent virtual information sessions and AMA’s on topics ranging from fundraising strategies to marketing to building a great culture.

In-Person Events and Conferences

Throughout the year, we hold events around the country for our Spark founders. We also have an annual City Spark Conference that all Spark founders are invited to.

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