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The distributed power plant, offered under the hip and hyphenated moniker Resi-Station, will kick off with OhmConnect’s existing base of 150,000 customers in California, amounting to roughly 100 megawatts of flexible load. But the infrastructure funding allows for more rapid growth because it eliminates startup costs for potential participants.


  • As edtech crowds up, Campuswire bets big on real-time learning

    Campuswire was in a fortuitous spot when colleges and universities across the world shut down on short notice because of the threat of coronavirus. Founded by Tade Oyerinde in 2018, Campuswire is a virtual solution for any teacher who wants to digitize their internal classroom communications, from Q&A time to the lecture itself.
  • Cerebral Raises $35 Million to Expand Online Mental Health Care to All 50 States

    Since launching in January of this year, Cerebral has improved tens of thousands of lives by providing access to comprehensive mental healthcare online. More than 75% of Cerebral clients achieve meaningful reductions in their symptoms in less than 2 months of care.
  • AstrumU: Disrupting the Traditional University

    As the pandemic has forced traditional in-person colleges to reinvent themselves for remote learning, it has also provided a huge opportunity to edtech companies.
  • Zero-waste online grocer raises $3 million

    The e-grocer delivers plastic-free food packed in glass jars, boxes and other containers. A membership costs $25 a month and includes free delivery, and non-members can get groceries delivered for $7.99 per order.
  • Rune Labs Closes $5M Seed Round

    Rune Labs partners with leading med-tech and pharma companies to label, organize, and analyze brain data. Rune Labs is particularly focused on neuromodulation therapies such as Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). These device-based therapies generate a lot of data, including directly sensed brain signals. This data is currently underutilized in clinical trials and patient care as DBS and TMS manufacturers do not have a way to manage brain data at a large scale.
  • For Days featured as an eco-friendly pick for gifts

    For Days designs soft, sustainable, organic basics (tees, tanks, sweatshirts) that are 100-percent recyclable. Another plus? Send your old clothing to For Days for upcycling and get discounts toward new items. Each upcycled piece saves 700 gallons of water.

City Light

Over the last few months we’ve highlighted the fantastic work that the teams at City Light portfolio teams are doing to make the world smarter and safer. The entrepreneurs with whom we are fortunate enough to partner are working on solutions that the world needs now more than ever. They are still on the front lines providing care, reducing stress and anxiety, and increasing access to education and energy.
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