City Light
Invests Early
in Impactful Companies

Solutions where more revenue equals better lives at scale, every time.

This Focus is Driven by Our Beliefs

Opportunity should be universal

Climate change is a global crisis that must be addressed

No one should be made to feel unsafe

We must bring an end to gun violence

Everyone should have access to high-quality, affordable: Clean air + water | Power | Real food | Education | Care options

These problems are complex and intertwined — there is no silver bullet

New solutions can also create new vulnerabilities — we need to constantly consider both

Private markets can and will play a meaningful role in addressing these truths

We Are Not Alone On This Journey

Our goal should be to partner with those aiming to enable these beliefs - entrepreneurs, teachers, first responders, non-profits, politicians, etc. are all our fellow travelers.

We only invest in companies where there is a direct relationship between financial outcomes and measurable social impact.
For City Light companies, the primary impact comes from their core products or solutions.

How they make money is how they have impact

Count In Ways That Matter

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