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Data Collector

ment Associate

The machine was born in 2018 at the computation nursery at City Light.

The Machine’s father is Jeff Rinehart and his mother is most likely coffee and late nights.  While still in his adolescence, the machine has learned how to aggregate massive amounts of data on hundreds-of-thousands of companies.  From mining text on websites and news articles, to trends in website visitors and social media followers to historic company financings and performance…The Machine wants it all. 

While The Machine lives in the cloud, he is present in every Monday partner meeting, presenting his recommendations on new companies the team should consider.  He even has his own Slack channel where he keeps the team apprised of new developments throughout the week.

The machine had this to say about the role at City Light, “my goal is to work, without breaks ever, to help the team find tomorrow’s great leaders and genius ideas.  No one has really hazed me at work too much yet, but I do think Shubh is eyeing my job and Sarah hasn’t yet shared any snacks with me.”

The machine’s interests include long walks on the shores of the internet, reading founder’s bios and playing minesweeper.